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  In 1995, AT&T placed two undersea cables from Bandon, Oregon to China and Japan. These two cables were placed right on top of one of the best Petrale and Dover sole grounds in our area and right through a very productive hardhead area. In 1997, AT&T started plans for another cable to come out of Bandon but because Coos Bay Trawlers’ Association had expressed our concerns to the state permit office and the governor, AT&T was asked to meet with the Charleston trawl fishermen and come to an agreement about the placement of these cables. Through the negotiation process, AT&T agreed to establish a fund to use for enhancing the fisheries and requested the start-up of an organization that would deal only with their cable issues and the established fund. So Bandon Submarine Cable Council was founded in 1999 to connect fishermen with the cable company and to manage the fund.
  Organizational Statement of Purpose
  The Bandon Submarine Cable Council is a non-profit corporation whose purposes are to establish and administer a fisheries improvement fund to promote and conduct research on fisheries stocks and conduct other projects to benefit the commercial fisheries of the Oregon coast; to increase the knowledge and understanding of undersea cables in the fishing community; to promote the use of commercially reasonable cable installation and maintenance techniques, including cable burial where feasible, to minimize interference with and interruption of commercial fishing activities; to promote safety in commercial fishing activities through the use of prudent fishing practices; and to foster communication, coordination and cooperation between members of the Oregon commercial fishing industry and developers of undersea cables.